Investor Relations (IR)

We reach out to the investors to gain and retain their trust.


BHVA helps promising projects become more attractive to international investors while also promoting them on the international business arena and increasing their chances for success.


While dealing with many issues on the everyday basis to keep your project running, it is very easy to overlook the needs of your investors. Often the success of your project depends on the stakeholders who are the primary source of your capital. With the shift of funding from traditional VC to digital fundings, the relations with investors have changed drastically, but have remained just as important.


At the time when a single negative piece of news can ruin your public image and now that investors can pull out of your project within seconds leading to you running out of money, it is vital to keep things under control with investors throughout their lifecycle: getting their attention, evoking their interest, converting into token purchasers, and building up their loyalty.


Your dedicated Investor Relations Manager will help you keep your investors by hand from the first experience with your product to building their loyalty. He will:

  • Evaluate your financial fundamentals, strategic plans, future prospects and competitive position to develop an effective approach to targeting, communication and marketing strategies.
  • Develop company message and identify key influencers (i.e., sell-side analysts, financial media, etc.) who will augment it.
  • Develop IR program in order to ensure information dissemination, accurate measurement, and fair offering valuation.
  • Act as the primary point of contact for investors.
  • Select and manage third-party IR service providers, such as digital funding exchanges.
  • Maintain relationships with targeted investor and analyst audiences using marketing campaigns and outreach activities
  • Get feedback and pick insights to pass on to the founders


We ensure shared value added and a personal approach in setting and achieving goals.

Your investors are our priority. Our IR managers rely on their analytical and creative thinking, problem solving skills, as well as strong work ethic. Our objective is to not only gain, but to also retain your investors’ trust for a strong long lasting relationship and support.