IT Investments

Get into top project early to win big.


Digital investment is an process when a new project exchanges a part of its assets. Digital funding provides an opportunity for founders of new ideas and projects to receive funding for their activities.


Digital funding is comparable to the IPO of the stock market. Digital funding is gradually revolutionising the whole financial system and could become the shares of tomorrow, and we help to use that opportunity and get coins early for bigger ROI.


What is really attractive when it comes to digital funding is that everyone can take part in it for a small amount of even a dollar. Thus, the amount of money that you can lose is relatively small  in comparison to the potential returns that you can get.

That might seem that an annual return on investment of 15-20% is an excellent profit while the assets are relatively safe. But in our case we are dealing with a new, revolutionary technology which has started to completely revolutionise the world of finance.


According to Coinist, the average ROI of the top 100 digital fundings is 27,323.42% and the average ROI for the top 10 digital fundings is 266,673.48%:

The assets that are available during digital fundings are sold at a face value that allows to get in with little investments made.


Digital funding may be a good choice for you in case:

  1. You are ready to risk
  2. You want to diversify your portfolio
  3. You don’t have a significant budget to invest


Challenges you might face:

  1. A lot of scam
  2. To many offers to examine
  3. Time consuming process


What we offer:

  1. We monitor all the Digital fundings and project coin deals
  2. We evaluate them and hand pick the best for you
  3. We manage all the operation to enroll: from account creation to tokens transfer to your wallet.

BHVA analytical center constantly keeps abreast of what is happening on the digital fundings market, making only the best offers with a balanced ratio of potential risk and profitability.

We will help you with the transition into the world of innovation and invest in proven digital fundings projects with a high commercial perspective.