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We help your ICO to stand out, while you take care of launching your project.

ICO reveals a totally new opportunity for startups to get funded. In case the idea of decentralisation is at the heart of your business, ICO is a perfect fit.

Although traditional VC still remains a leading source of funding, ICO funding tends to raise significantly more capital:

Traditional VC vs ICO  (crunchbase)

Capital raised VC vs ICO (crunchbase)

See how favorably it compares to the traditional methods of attracting funds:

Who is the investorWide range of individualsWide range of individualsWide range of individualsWide range of individuals
What is boughtGoods, services, discountsSharesTokensShares
Means of financingFiat moneyFiat moneyCryptocurrencyFiat money
Realisation of the projectProject can be at its inceptionProject can be at its inceptionProject can be at its inceptionThe company has to have a good reputation and be profitable
TimeFastFast. The exact terms are stipulated by the legislation on circulation of securitiesTechnically 2-3 months, practically over 6 monthsA year or more
Participation goalsDesire to help the project or desire to use its products in the futureLong-term investmentsDesire to help the project or desire to use its products in the future, as well as higher returnsShort-term speculations with rapidly growing prices of shares
RegulationsSpecial regulations in some countriesIn some countries regulated by the legislation on circulation of securitiesUnregulatedThorough and detailed regulations in most cases
Protection mechanism for payersLegal regulationsLegal regulationsProtection with smart contracts in the process of obtaining tokens. After receiving tokens the investor is not protectedLegal regulations
Process administrationThe platform collects money and acts as an intermediaryThe platform collects money and acts as an intermediaryUsually absentStock exchanges and government agencies take control and require reports on IPOs
Amount of attracting fundingsNo limitationsLimitations regarding the sums that can be received from an investor, and general project  limitations in certain jurisdictionsNo limitationsNo limitations

Briefly, ICO funding benefits are:

1. Raise capital quickly
2. Get more funding than with traditional VC
3. Attract users and developers in the process

Although ICO funding challenges are:

1. Difficulty to stand out amongst many ICOs that are out there
2. Need to maintain transparency in communication with potential investors who try to avoid scam
3. Pressure on project-team to deal with live trading and real-time pricing which takes away focus from your long-term strategy

The BHVA team will help you deal with all the difficulties that ICO funding may bring. On the one hand, we perform the function of a reliable partner with rich professional experience and extensive network that helps create favorable conditions for the development of high-tech businesses. On the other hand, we ensure business growth by expanding the range of clients’ knowledge and providing tailor-made extensive analytical reports, thereby widening the pool of opportunities.

We have a team of experts with diverse professional backgrounds to prepare your successful ICO, from planning a marketing strategy to attracting funds.

We work hands on to help you achieve your goals.