Our partners


Our experience has proved that having reliable information and staying up do date are the two indispensable components of success in the world of digital assets. This is why we established useful partnerships with leading companies from various fields.

Information Partners

We get the most recent updates on crypto assets and professional insights of the industry worldwide as well as news and updates regarding the blockchain.





Legal Support

Should you find yourself seeking legal advice in any uncertainty, you can securely rely on our San Francisco based legal partner – Velton-Zegelman Law Firm, that has a team of attorneys who specialise in covering digital investments.

Rating Providers

Since the ICO space can be overwhelming, we team up with ICO rating agencies to provide independent evaluations of risks and opportunities of new projects helping us identify the value, quality and the class of ICOs. It helps us have unbiased information and stay in the know of the real trends in the market.




Digital Asset Exchanges

Digital asset exchanges are platforms that allow exchange, trading and lending of cryptocurrencies. Our partners offer maximum security and advanced trading features for safe and efficient trading.



Online payments platforms

Easily manage your e-wallet, send and receive coins in a matter of seconds.