BHVA is launching a new project called ‘Cryptotrader’s diary’. Here you will get an insight into the life of a successful cryptotrader Aleks, see how he navigates in the world of cryptocurrencies, how he deals with challenges and seizes opportunities as they rise.

Hello everyone! My name is Aleks, I am a professional venture investor. I invest in crypto space since 2016, mainly focusing on altcoin positions and ICO’s. I will occasionally write some analytics on those topics.

However, due to market conditions and an internal demand for a challenge, I decided to try to multiply by 3 my trading budget within a month. I will post updates regularly for you folks to see how I’m thinking, hopefully to learn from my successes and mistakes.

27.04 Market report. Early Day 1.

An x3 challenge on trade in 31 days!

What we start with: 4745 USD

Long positions opened on ETC/BTC pair for 45 ETC. TA looks solid on it, with huge potential gains against BTC. Add on top a bullish BTC move, and we will end up with some overwhelming potential profits there. On the other hand, I never really liked ETC on its fundamentals, so have current knowledge of it and I perceive risks of trading it as very high. But, as we are very strict on time and have huge target, I have to take it J Here’s the graph of ETC/BTC pair:

This is a long game here (could it be long if I’m restricted to 31 day?) and I will just keep an eye on it, but here are the targets: 0.002738 TP1 (50%) and 0.003812 TP2 (50%). If everything will work out, it will be my final boost for last 3 days.

For the rest, I will mainly trade BTC/USD, trying to catch up short swings of 100-150USD. However, if TA indicators will be right for a longer trade, I will take it as well. At the moment of writing, I have already made my first successful trade in the series for a total profit 135.7 USD (closed long which was opened at 9165). Now I have another long position opened at 9236, as I expect further bullish movement upwards. I will keep a close look on the graphs, with minimum target at 9380 and potential target of 9700. I do believe we can see a break of 10000 and reach as much as 10400-10800 before moving into correction. But we as likely to get rejected before finally breaking 10000 mark again. So I would keep my risks low and consider opening long position if we will get a solid break above 10000, say at 10150 or 10180 with a target of 10400. Here’s my assumption if we are in 5th Elliot Wave:

Disclaimer: do not try to follow my positions due to huge time lag, as you will never open and close at the same time as I do. Not a financial advice.