Cryptoinvestor’s diary



BHVA at a glance:

  • We are a team of professionals: We are not newcomers who blindly follow the trends, we have a strong core based on top level education from prestigious business schools from all over the world, extensive experience in investments, and a proven track record of deals in the international market.
  • We knew it early: We have over 5 years of experience in digital asset management. And we have a clear vision of where we are heading.
  • We are global: we work with clients from all over the world from Europe to Asia, so we can speak your language and cover your time zone.
  • We join forces: we’re happy to benefit from the established partnerships with leading banks, brokers and information agencies from the US, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Russia, Israel, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore

BHVA provides investors with cutting-edge technical, legal, information and analytical databases, as well as tools, and advisory for better investment decisions. Our core services include risk and financial advisory, portfolio management, Digital investments, and investment brokerage.

For IT startups, we provide a wide range of services, featuring investor relations (IR) services, as well as brokerage, advisory, and management.

At BHVA, we are very passionate about the genuine possibilities of technology and innovations and their potency in the financial system. That is the reason behind our active involvement in  conferences, expert panels as well as educational events on a regular basis.

Our business principles are based on a time-honoured approach empowered with innovation.

Day by day we adhere to our principles and they ensure our success.

  1. Your success is our mission
  2. Confidentiality, transparency, and reliability are our primary values
  3. Unique tailor-made approach for each particular case
  4. Hand-picked options for your investments
  5. We stay on top of digital asset market to seize the opportunities as they rise

With our solid experience backed  with a proven track record we have a clear picture of what truly matters.

Yet, we never stop to improve and grow together with our clients.